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250A CO2 @ 60% Duty Cycle
220A Mixed Gas M21 @ 60% Duty Cycle
Wire Size 0.8-1.2mm

M22 – Air-Cooled Light Industrial Mig Welding Torch

The Arc M22 is the same size as an MB24 yet 20% lighter.

Weight, Balance and Ergonomics

Make Work Life Easier

A 20% reduction in weight for an all day 250 Amp production tool.

Technical Specification

Cooling Method Air-Cooled
Rating: CO2 250A
Rating: Mixed Gas M21 220A
Rating: Pulse 145A
Duty Cycle 60%
Wire Size 0.8-1.2mm


Product Catalogue – M Series

Arc M Series

Arc M Industrial Set-up Guide

M1 / M18 / M2 / M22

Core Technologies

SIC Technology

Accumulated spatter breaks free when the nozzle is released

Spatter Isolation Chamber

Spatter created by the arc is held within a unique chamber that collects the molten metal droplets

Key Elements

Wear Parts

Exacting component design improves performance to weight ratios and wear parts durability

Swan Necks

Cutting edge material selection push the boundaries of established swan neck design

Handle Sets

Balanced and lightweight, reflecting the latest in ergonomic design principles


Developed from in-depth studies of wire types, process and gas coverage

Cable Sets

Improvements in welder comfort and reductions in welder fatigue

Key Benefits

  • Increased area pick up points on contact tips reduce power loss and improve current transfer
  • Unique insulation and tip adaptor design facilitates spatter release and nozzle removal
  • Left hand threaded tip adaptors negate accidental removal when spatter is embedded at the base of the nozzle
  • All wear parts are laser marked for ease of identification

Key Benefits

  • High tech polymers for improved insulation properties, impact strength and weight reduction
  • Neck to handle interface minimizes transfer of conducted heat to the handle
  • Neck ridges provide ‘finger grip’ under the glove

Key Benefits

  • Microswitch controlled triggers provide better resistance to shorting created by welding fume dust
  • Trigger life expectancy greater than 1 million cycles
  • ‘Plug and Play’ standard and extended options
  • Utilizes air gap technology, isolating the swan neck heat for cooler running handles
  • Knuckle joints and short cable support systems for improved positioning

Key Benefits

  • Steel liners for steel wire, steel metal core and flux core wires
  • Combi-liners for Aluminium, stainless steel, stainless steel metal core and flux core wires
  • Combi-liners utilize sliding/locking collet to aid positioning
  • Unique sealing ring solution for effective sealing from impurities in argon gas processes

Key Benefits

  • New cable structures for improved flexibility and weight reduction
  • Premium power levels yet up to 40% lighter than standard cables
  • Specified and constructed to last over 1 million flexes in life cycle testing

In The Box

Standard Set-up

Getting Started


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