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The World’s Most Powerful Mig Torch!

Changing the game is about challenging everything we know about the products we design.

The range utilizes new and groundbreaking torch technologies in order to offer a quantum leap forward in power output and wear parts durability.

The Arc M Series rewrites the rules, delivering unsurpassed performance at a fraction of the weight.

Here’s how we achieved it

Bi-Flow Technology

Cooler running torches with increased power to weight performance ratios

Force Cooling Technology

Cooler running contact tips maximize conductivity and extend consumable life

NRS Technology

Trouble free fitting and removal of the nozzle with a highly efficient transfer of heat between the base of the nozzle and the dual circuit chamber

SIC Technology

Accumulated spatter breaks free when the nozzle is released

OSW Technology

From drive roll to contact tip every small detail that affects soft wire welding has been considered

Re-engineered high capacity cooling chambers remove excessive heat at source.

Nozzle, tip adaptor and contacts tips are all force cooled.

Gas Stream Cooling
A highly effective series of passages and wells have been developed to force cool the contact tip.

The cooler running contact tips maximize conductivity and extend consumable life.

Nozzle Retention System

NRS Technology combines a Liquid-Cooled nozzle seat and a push-on nozzle with a threaded retention system.

The design solutions force cool the nozzle, aid spatter removal and increase front-end wear parts durability.

Spatter Isolation Chamber

A uniquely designed spatter “well” accumulates molten metal particles safely and works in conjunction with the nozzle retention system for trouble free removal of the nozzle and spatter ring

Optimized for Soft Wire Welding

Hard and soft wire welding processes are very different.

Technical design solutions have resulted in a more efficient delivery of the filler metal from the machine to the torch head and a specific front-end wear parts design is ” optimized for soft wire welding “

  • Smooth transfer of the filler metal from the drive rolls to the tip
  • Improved laminar gas and reduced downtime from ‘post weld clean up’

Arc M Series

Marginal gains realized at every critical stage of component design lead to enhanced torch performance for increased arc time and lower overall arc costs.

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