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Arc Mig Solutions

Arc Mig Torches are lighter, perform better and last longer

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Arc Tig Solutions

Higher powered performance and cooler running torches from a much smaller footprint

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Say Hello to our Vision of the Future

We’ve created a range of welding torches that make work life easier

This is not business as usual!

Liberate your Work Day

All day productivity as standard!

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Arc Torchology

We aren’t satisfied with just meeting industry norms. We want to rewrite the rules. We want to revolutionize welding gun design, utilize cutting edge technologies and deliver the very best possible results for the welder.

The Arc Torchology series has been designed to perform better and last longer, with all day productivity as standard.

The World’s Most Powerful Tig Torches!

Core technologies, innovative ergonomics and superior performance wear parts have enabled us to push performance levels way beyond currently accepted norms.

Air-cooled torches peak at 240A whilst Liquid-cooled torches push the boundaries to 550A at 100% duty cycle.

The very best end-user experience possible.

This is not business as usual!

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Make Work Life Easier

From design to precision manufacture and right down to what’s included in the torch box, it’s our very first consideration.

It’s the focus of everything we do.

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