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580A CO2 @ 100% Duty Cycle
1600W Cooler
560A Mixed Gas M21 @ 100% Duty Cycle
1600W Cooler
Wire Size 0.9-2.0mm

M6OSWP – Liquid-Cooled High Performance Welding Torch – Pistol Style

Specifically designed for soft wire welding the Arc M6OSWP is a high performance pistol grip Mig torch with a 22o neck optimized for larger diameter soft wires.

Make Work Life Easier

Improvements in feeding large diameter soft wires with pulse Mig processes

Arc Wear Parts optimized for soft wire welding.

  • Nozzles run up to 75% cooler
  • Swan necks run up to 35% cooler
  • Contact tips last up to 6 times longer
  • Nozzles last up to 3 times longer
  • Tip adaptors last up to 5 times longer

Technical Specification

Cooler Rating Max.A Pulse Max. Load
Rating: CO2 1600W 580A 25KW
1200W 540A 23KW
Rating: Mixed Gas M21 1600W 560A 400A 24KW
1200W 510A 360A 20KW
Duty Cycle 100% 100%
Wire Size Filler Wires Fe, Fe-MC / FC 0.9-2.0mm
Filler Wires Ss, Ss-MC /FC 0.9-1.6mm
Filler Wires Al 1.0-2.0mm
Minimum Liquid Flow Rate 1.5 l/min
Minimum Liquid Inlet Pressure 3.0 Bar
Maximum Liquid Inlet Pressure 5.0 Bar
Maximum Liquid Inlet Temperature 50oC
Operating Temperature Range -10…+40oC


Product Catalogue – M

Arc M Series

Arc M High Performance Set-up Guide

M6WP/ M6OSWP / Machine Control

Core Technologies

Bi-Flow Technology

Cooler running torches with increased power to weight performance ratios

Force Cool Technology

Cooler running contact tips maximize conductivity and extend consumable life

NRS Technology

Trouble free fitting and removal of the nozzle with a highly efficient transfer of heat between the base of the nozzle and the dual circuit chamber

SIC Technology

Accumulated spatter breaks free when the nozzle is released

OSW Technology

From drive roll to contact tip every small detail that affects soft wire welding has been considered

Re-engineered high capacity cooling chambers remove excessive heat at source.

Nozzle, tip adaptor and contacts tips are all force cooled.

Gas Stream Cooling
A highly effective series of passages and wells have been developed to force cool the contact tip.

The cooler running contact tips maximize conductivity and extend consumable life.

Nozzle Retention System
NRS Technology combines a Liquid-Cooled nozzle seat and a push-on nozzle with a threaded retention system.

The design solutions force cool the nozzle, aid spatter removal and increase front-end wear parts durability.

Spatter Isolation Chamber

A uniquely designed spatter “well” accumulates molten metal particles safely and works in conjunction with the nozzle retention system for trouble free removal of the nozzle and spatter ring.

Optimized for Soft Wire Welding

Hard and soft wire welding processes are very different.

Technical design solutions have resulted in a more efficient delivery of the filler metal from the machine to the torch head and a specific front-end wear parts design is ” optimized for soft wire welding “

  • Smooth transfer of the filler metal from the drive rolls to the tip
  • Improved laminar gas and reduced downtime from ‘post weld clean up’

Key Elements

Wear Parts

Superior performance wear parts have pushed the performance levels way beyond currently accepted norms

Swan Necks

Cooler running torches with increased power to weight performance ratios

Handle Sets

Modular Handle Sets with plug and play control options


From drive roll to contact tip every small detail that affects soft wire welding has been considered

Cable Sets

Clever material selection combines flexibility, durability and performance

Key Benefits

  • Large area tapered face on contact tips improves current transfer
  • Insulator ‘snap fits’ onto the tip adaptor to prevent accidental loss
  • OSW insulators incorporate a unique rubber gasket for additional protection against atmospheric contamination
  • A 360° turn on the nozzle ring forces the nozzle forward and breaks off accumulated spatter
  • All wear parts are laser marked for ease of identification

Key Benefits

  • Double circuit conductor and nozzle seat cooling
  • 22° bend angle for large and more difficult to feed wires over 1.2-1.6 mm
  • Contact tip centrality guaranteed to +- 0.05 mm 
  • Neck ridges provide ‘finger grip’under the welders glove

Key Benefits

  • Standard and pistol grip handles
  • 45° and 22° neck options
  • ‘Plug and Play’machine control options
  • Utilizes air gap technology, isolating radiated heat for cooler running handles
  • Minimized handle to torch body interface isolates conducted heat

Key Benefits

  • Soft wire liners for aluminium and copper alloy wires
  • Combi-liners for stainless steel and stainless steel metal core and flux core wires
  • Steel liners for steel wire, steel metal core and flux core wires
  • Optional stainless steel liners for high deposition stainless wire applications
  • All OSW series torches come with a set-up kit for perfect liner installation

Key Benefits

  • Power cables utilize superior grade copper conductors for added protection against poor water quality and contaminants
  • Specified and constructed to last over 1 million flexes in life cycle testing
  • Modular designed housing allows exit easy cable reconfiguration

In The Box

Standard Set-up

Set-Up Guide

What is Arc M

Safety Information

Wear Parts Spanner

Nozzle Disassembly Kit

Soft Wire Liner Set-Up Kit


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