What is our story?

Its simple – to design and manufacture
technically superior welding torches which
make work life easier

To produce welding torches that reach the pinnacle of performance, durability and functionality you must be passionate about what you do.

Our development and testing activities utilise cutting edge technologies, many of which have been developed specifically by us to meet the very stringent demands we place upon our design solutions. These specialized, bespoke solutions allow us to develop products that surpass the pre-requisites of industry standards, inventing increasingly more beneficial products that deliver maximum results for the operator.

The Arc Torchology range has been developed by a team of dedicated experts to deliver the very best end user experience possible.

A new era of technologies developed specifically for the range have been utilized to maximize performance whilst minimizing weight.

Innovative ergonomics, lightweight materials and performance enhancing technologies have been successfully combined to go far beyond the accepted norm.

Arc Torchology products are at the fore-front of our continuous efforts to offer solutions to the challenges faced by our customers.

“Our passion to continually innovate is fueled by our desire to go beyond established limits. It’s the driving force for us.”
Tracy Parker – CEO